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On a daily basis, large corporations and small businesses relocate their offices whether to larger or smaller spaces, relocating to a new city or even moving interstate.  No matter the size of the move, one thing is for sure – relocating is a stressful undertaking and is better left to professional movers and relocation management companies who are better equipped to handle the logistics.

Relocation Services AdvantagesAs a workplace manager, choosing to use professional relocation services is often a difficult decision because of the perceived expense involved; however, when you consider the advantages, the decision becomes much more straightforward.

Better Use of Time.  When you have your own business, your focus should be on your company so that you can be as productive as possible.  Spending time packing up offices, files, equipment, etc. takes away from the day to day acts of doing business.  Professional relocation management companies allow you to make better use of your time by handling the logistics of the move while you do what you do best…work.

Proficiency. To the point of making better use of time, if you have ever moved house, you know how long it takes to pack your furniture and belongings. Packing and moving a company’s office is much more detailed.  Corporate relocation services are way more proficient at moving offices from one location to another.  This is what they do and reputable relocation movers are very good at their jobs.

Streamlined Process.  Professional movers handle everything.  They typically pack the entire contents of the offices, disconnect the equipment and load everything to move.  Once at the new location, they unload everything then reconnect the equipment so that your work can immediately begin.  Their goal is to create and execute a streamlined process to make your move as easy and effortless as possible.

Safety. Moving involves lifting heavy boxes, furniture, and equipment. If one of your employees is injured while moving, not only could you possibly end up having to pay workers compensation claims, your  employee may be unable to work for some time.  Professional relocation management companies are trained movers who know how to move heavy items safely. Working with them eliminates any risk to you and your business.

Risk of Damage. The safety of your staff is very important, and the same goes for your office furniture and equipment. The last thing you want during a relocation is to have expensive property or equipment damaged. Work with a relocation company trusted by reputable businesses to minimise the risk to damage.

Positive Work Environment.  In today’s workforce, many companies push their employees to get as much out of them as possible.  By working with a corporate relocation company, you let your employees know that you care about them and are not adding “movers” to their job descriptions. That speaks volumes in creating a positive work environment which, in turn, makes for productive employees.

Cost Efficiency. Let’s talk about the most important advantage to any workplace manager – cost.  Yes there is an expense involved but when you take into consideration the time it may take you and your employees to pack and move, the stress involved in moving and the downtime of not being able to conduct business, working with professional relocation management companies is much more cost efficient than taking on the move yourself.