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Extensive Experience

When relocating anything that must be replaced in an exact sequential order such as public libraries, legal files, law libraries or claims files, our track record for performance is unmatched. Not many removalist companies have our breadth and depth of experience. Whatever your situation, we’ve probably tackled something similar before. If you have complex needs, we have a simple solution. That’s why large companies trust us to take care of them and their precious assets.

Experts In Classification Systems

We have trained staff that are familiar with all types of classifications such as Dewey, LC, NLM, SuDocs. Any type of integration or segregation can be handled with relative ease and skill.

Peace Of Mind

This knowledge affords our client with peace of mind whether they have contracted with us for moving an entire library or file system, integrating/segregating collections, bar coding, cleaning or shelving a backlog of material. Our proven system is simple to implement and our process is extremely efficient.

Minimum Down Time

Our flexible, customer-centered scheduling options include evening and weekend moves. We focus on providing minimal disruption to your operational activities, so you can get on with the business at hand and leave the rest to us.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee timely and practical moving solutions that meet each client’s needs, all at a reasonable rate. We will provide competitive rates for our customers on tendered or hourly charge arrangements.

Leave It To The Experts

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