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Here are some of the frequently asked questions we hear at Blue Lion. If your question is not covered in our relocation and moving FAQs be sure to contact us.

Can You Help Plan And Coordinate Our Relocation?

A dedicated move management consultant will help planning your relocation from start to finish. An on site visit from your consultant ensures the most accurate cost estimate and best approach to your move.

When the time arrives, we will help coordinate your relocation with your building manager, arranging access to loading docks, elevators, entrances and exits.

How Long Will The Move Take? Can You Speed Things Up?

Our move managers will tailor a moving plan based on your needs and the time required to complete it. This will depend on the complexity and distance to the new location, so it’s best to get in touch with us for an initial consultation.

Can You Relocate Us After Hours Or On The Weekend?

Many of our relocation activities are after hours, either evenings or weekends. For corporate relocations this keeps the impact on your business to a minimum.

Can You Assist With Packing?

Our packing team can save you time and money because they know how best to pack in order to protect, and you do not have to divert administration staff away from their normal jobs.

Professional packing ensures good will arrive safely. Getting everything into neat shapes allows faster, more efficient loading, lower transport costs and fewer trips to and from the new site. Learn more about how we help with packing and moving.

Can You Disconnect And Reconnect Technology?

We provide a complete technology relocation service, and can assist with PC’s, docking stations, local and network printers, servers, desktop computing equipment, telephones, and more. Disconnecting and reconnecting technology is another way we work with you to minimise office relocation downtime.

Do You Remove Or Auction Old Unwanted Items?

We do everything we can to save you money by not moving things you do not need. We are also avid recyclers and we want to support worthy causes. We can remove unwanted items and run them through a split waste recycle process, send them to auction house or take them to a charity shop whichever is appropriate.

Do You Have Insurance?

We are proud of our high customer satisfaction and track record moving even the most sensitive equipment safely so no damage occurs. Any equipment we move is fully insured so if something out of the ordinary does take place, you can rest assured it will be either repaired or replaced promptly.

Do Your Staff Have Police Clearances?

We work with large financial institutions and criminal agencies, so all our staff are checked for police clearances. This is part of our hiring process to ensure the best quality staff.

Do You Have Storage?

Yes, we have storage facilities in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Brisbane to help manage space requirements and staged timing of a relocation.

Can You Move Us Interstate?

Every month families and businesses trust Blue Lion for long distance moving, including moving interstate. Whether your destination is Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or anywhere in between, our experience means your interstate move will be a success.

Can You Do International Moves?

Blue Lion has extensive experience with international relocations. Our move managers have a detailed knowledge of international shipping and customs regulations to guarantee you a secure, timely, and cost-effective relocation anywhere on the planet.