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Customer Focus

Blue Lion’s philosophy is simple. We succeed only when we meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. We make customers and their primary needs the main focus of our actions and decisions. With this in mind, Blue Lion’s point of difference is that we offer a dedicated consultant to coordinate each relocation assignment.

End-To-End Move Management

Our dedicated Move Management Consultant will liaise with you at any stage of the move, advise on the best approach, and manage the entire move for you if required. Our end-to-end solutions and services mean that your moving experience can simply start and end with talking to us. That’s it. We can do every thing else. Your Consultant will be available any time, day or night to consult with you, and then coordinate the process with our team of specialist movers to insure an expedient and flawless move.


The best way to start planning for your relocation is to schedule a visual survey of the items you wish to move. For the most accurate cost estimate a Blue Lion consultant will visit your home to do a visual survey of your belongings. During this appointment our representative will advise you the best approach for your move.

Packing And Inventory Management

Your Consultant will advise you on the best way to pack and organise your items to ensure an efficient and damage-free move. We can either provide you with the right packing materials, or simply pack the items for you. Whether you are moving a house, a hospital or an entire library, our Consultant will ensure that every item is tracked, moved carefully and placed exactly where it should go.

Damage-Free Relocation

Our moving crew use safe and effective moving equipment to safely guide even the heaviest and bulkiest of items on their journey. Our special air-ride suspension provides a protective cushion between your belongings and the bumps along the road. From our packers, to the loading crew, to the professionally trained driver – each are carefully coordinated by the Move Management Consultant and each takes personal pride in ensuring a successful relocation.


If any documentation is required relating to customs or project management, our Consultant will do the work for you, professionally and promptly.

Smooth, Effortless Moving Experience

Moving can be very stressful and time-consuming. No matter how well you think you’ve packed everything, something always ends up damaged. Our end-to-end Move Management services will ensure your move is carefully planned, thoughtful coordinated and efficiently completed without damage so you can concentrate on getting on with life.

Leave It To The Experts

Leave it to Blue Lion to ensure your precious assets arrive quickly and safely to their destination. Contact us today for a no obligation consultation and quote.