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Moving interstate changes many things when you drive across a border, although at first you may notice nothing other than the sign. Ahead of you, there is a new home to settle into and new service providers to find. Depending on your circumstances, interstate relocation may also involve starting a new job and getting the kids into unfamiliar schools. Your number one priority is to get your home base sorted.

moving interstate relocationMake an Interstate Relocation Checklist

There are so many things to do before you vacate your current home that it is easy to forget some. Your best plan for moving interstate successfully is to brainstorm with the family, and list the tasks according to their deadlines.

Find relocation services with experience in moving clients interstate a month before the target date. That way, you have ample time to prepare at leisure, and they can help with your interstate relocation checklist.

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Find Out as Much as Possible About Your New Town

Relocating interstate and the changes that we mentioned go smoother when you know what to expect. Make a second list of the decisions you have to take directly after moving interstate. Research local schools, churches, shopping centres and transport routes, so you have a plan in place when you arrive and can settle in right away.

Simplify Moving Interstate with Intelligent Packing

  • Clear away the clutter. Hold a garage sale or send it to the charity shop
  • List what you will need directly when you arrive, and tag the items with coloured stickers
  • Pack unseasonal clothes away that you won’t need for several months
  • Work the kitchen down to what you regularly use. Put the rest in cartons
  • Rearrange cupboard space so you progressively empty bottom and top shelves

When you break the workload down like this your interstate relocation project becomes more manageable, and you can start looking forward to what lies ahead.

Update People with Your New Address

Your current address links to you in many ways, especially when it comes to postal deliveries. Make a third list, this time of the people you need to tell. The tax office, your financial service providers and the places where you have accounts are all important. Setup mail redirection arrangements at the post office.

Remember to send emails to friends and family too telling them that you are relocating interstate to stay in touch.

Moving Day: Best with a Detailed Plan

Consider all the parameters when choosing move day. If a family member is starting a new job it could be a good idea for them to relocate ahead, so the kids can finish term first and complete their interstate relocation without disrupting their schooling.

If relocating interstate to retire, then the deciding factor could be a month when the weather is most likely to be kind. You can’t always predict the weather, so if there is a chance you’ll be moving in the rain it’s best to be prepared.

The Final Clincher When Relocating Interstate

Having an interstate removalist you can rely on provides a calming assurance that you can go ahead without worrying about the practical aspects of your move. Leave scheduling teams and trucks, and making sure that everything is packed securely to professionals.

Your best plan for success is a relocation services company with an established reputation you can rely on, and sufficient experience of moving clients interstate.