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You see it all the time – Moving Sale, Everything Must Go!

Retailers do a great job at marketing moves to new locations by promoting that they want to get rid of everything to make the move easier. But do service-oriented businesses need to market their moves?
Sure they do.

Marketing Office RelocationMarketing your office relocation is an incredible opportunity to market a business and it’s services at the same time. Why?  Here are a handful of reasons…

Let Current and Potential Clients Know the Details.

In journalism, the goal of every article is to tell who, what, when, where and why. The same goes for companies that are planning a move to a new location. So, let current and potential clients know the details about the move – where and when you plan to move and especially, why you plan to move – more space, a more convenient location, additional offices for new personnel, or whatever reason you have.

By sending out direct mail announcements, emails to current and potential clients, placing an ad in local papers, most importantly, spilling the details on social media, suddenly you are not only alerting them of your move, you are marketing your company and its services and may even score new accounts out of it.

Rebrand Your Company.

Moving is an ideal time to rebrand your company. If you are adding or changing any services you offer, adding personnel, want a new look or simply want to go in a different direction, there is no better time to bring that to light.

Since you must change business cards, letterhead and other materials that require an address, you might as well as incorporate a new logo and a new message.

Build Continuity in Stages.

Announcing an office relocation involves marketing the event in stages by announcing that you plan to move then you announce that you have moved. You can add creativity and fun into the announcements to entice your customers and those with whom you would like to do business.

Social media is an excellent venue as the details unfold. If you are remodeling a new location, posting pictures on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and other social media vehicles as you go along keeps you clients updated and interested, not to mention curious, in what you are doing.

Get to Have a Party.

Once everything is up and running in the new facilities, plan an open house party where you not only invite current, past and potential clients, but you include your neighbours. It is a good way to introduce yourself to the businesses around you (who may benefit from your services), you give your clients the opportunity to see your new “digs” and let them meet your staff.  It also is a great way to say thank you to those who work for you.  Seize this golden opportunity!

One thing that many companies forget is to make sure you market your office relocation on YOUR OWN website. It is common to get so busy creating and executing a full-blown marketing plan that you forget your own site. You can even create a MOVE DAY countdown to make it more intriguing.

Use professional relocation services to ensure you have time to market the move rather than get bogged down in the logistics!